Kathryn Armour Studio

Kathryn Armour, Voice and Alexander Technique Teacher

This has been such a busy year for the Kathryn Armour Studio.   Ani Taj is appearing in The Great Comet of 1812, and the Fiasco Co., with whom I have been working since 2011, has just sent their Broadway hit production of Into the Woods  on tour!   My Roundabout Theater interview about my work with the cast can be read right here:  A Conversation with Kathryn Armour, Alexander and Voice Teacher.

In my studio Alexander Technique is part of every voice lesson.  Do you need to train your voice thoroughly?   or re-train , because you want to take on a challenging role, or because you have somehow gotten a bit off track in your vocal technique?  The Italian understanding of one voice (“it’s all a mix, Darling!”) will help you sort things out.

Using the Alexander Technique, the singer learns both structural support and ease in the body/mind.   This allows a free throat for clear speech.  I work with each singer’s individual speech pattern, so that you can learn to tell your story, rather than using technical tricks to manufacture the sound you think will sell.  With the Alexander Technique integrated into your craft, you will know when you are on a less than efficient and truthful path.  Your body will not lie to you.

There are many benefits to working in this integrated and artistic way, but one of the most important is that you can integrate singing and acting. You can communicate, and not be featuring your “vocal technique.” You will find your authentic expression, your “own” voice.

My summer programs are an ideal way to work with me.  With customized attention, they provide an intensive, safe and aesthetic environment to make vocal improvements, without having to leave your current teacher.   Is 2017 the summer to invest in yourself?  in your voice?