Kathryn Armour Studio

Kathryn Armour, Voice and Alexander Technique Teacher

This has been a busy year for the Kathryn Armour Studio.   My Alexander room has been redone, and I look forward to working with you there.  Long time student Emily Ide is on the national tour of Cabaret, and former student Molly Dunn is appearing in Phantom in Fort Atkinson, WI.   The Roundabout Theater interview about my work with the Fiasco Company can be read right here:  A Conversation with Kathryn Armour, Alexander and Voice Teacher.

At this time of year, with the days lengthening,  I invite you to consider participating in an intensive summer training, either in Italy or New Hampshire.  The summer programs provide a safe and aesthetic environment to train your voice thoroughly.  Or perhaps you want to re-train, because you want to take on a challenging role, or because  you have somehow gotten a bit off-track in your vocal technique.  Maybe you already realize that the integration of the Alexander work into your vocal craft will make your singing easier.  The program is open to singers, voice teachers who want to work with new ideas, wind players training as Alexander teachers, and AT teachers who want to understand voice.

The traditional Italian understanding of one voice (“It’s all a mix, Darling!”) will help you sort things out.  Using the Alexander technique, the singer can learn both structural support and coordination of breath and voice, as well as ease in the body/mind.  This way of working has immediate artistic benefits.  You can integrate technique and artistic, dramatic expression.  At the same time, you will have a better sense of how to be both efficient and truthful.  You can communicate without featuring your vocal technique.  You will find your authentic expression, your own voice.

My summer programs are an ideal way to work with me, without having to leave your current teacher.   Is 2018 the summer to invest in yourself?  in your voiceEmail me to start the conversation!