Lake Como Voice and Alexander Academy


Week I
June 18 – 22, 2018

Week II
June 25 – 29, 2018

on the shore of Lake Como
in the Italian Alps

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Course Description

Each class will be a week of intensive vocal work for a group of 4 singers.  All lessons will be held in the grand Palazzo del Vescovo, in the village of Dongo. This palace houses the Upper Lake Como Music Institute and the International Piano Academy (

Each morning begins with a group AT class, and then each participant will have a private voice lesson and a private coaching session (with Terrence Woollen). Every late afternoon, there will be a performance class, which will include more work with the Alexander Technique.  Week II will conclude with a concert  for an invited audience on Friday evening, June 29, in the grand hall of the Music Institute.

Individual 3 day Intensive Consultations can be arranged during  the month of July.

Lake Como is a dramatic and romantic setting. Since Roman times the lake has attracted artists, notably Liszt and Verdi (who composed La Traviata here) and in this century, physicists and celebrities. It is a stimulating place to focus on singing while also vacationing.